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Teddy Bear Hamsters Toys and Entertainment

Hamsters are intelligent little creatures. In the wild, they spend their time running across great distances, constantly seeking shelter, nesting material and food.

When you keep a Teddy Bear Hamster in small cage, it is up to you to provide it with enough stimulation to keep its life entertaining.

Homemade toys can be anything from cardboard boxes, toilet paper or paper towel rolls without the paper itself to elaborate wooden constructions, including small ladders and boxes. Even the branch of an apple tree (if you can find one), can provide a hamster with plenty of entertainment.

Before putting any toy inside the cage, especially a homemade toy, inspect it carefully to make sure that there are no sharp edges or anything else that might put your hamster at risk. Keep in mind that whenever possible your hamster is likely to chew on anything in its cage. Avoid dyed cardboard and or painted wood, and double check wood for toxicity to small animals. When in doubt, it's best to stick to commercial products by a well-known brand.

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