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Teddy Bear Hamsters Names

Naming your teddy bear hamster is a significant step in bonding with your new pet and should be fun too. Take the time to choose a name that you will enjoy repeating and cooing away as you play with your little furry friend.

There are no real rules when it comes to naming hamsters, but here are some ideas which might help you find inspiration -

Some folks opt for a name which is typically associated with humans. You could name your hamster after a dear friend or relative, or even a fictional character. Harry or Jack could be great names for hamsters, even if you may have to do some explaining at first when talking about their adventures.

By the same token, it's not impossibly to call a hamster by the name of an old favorite pet. Rex simply means royal, and you could certainly name a regal hamster with it. Fluffy, Fido and Sylvester, are all viable options too.

Speaking of Sylvester, some people pick a name depending on the time when they got their hamster. These could be seasonal names like Papa Noel, St. Patrick or Jingle. They could refer to a specific time of day or night, or even to the weather, or anything memorable that happened when you and your little pal met for the first time.

Of course, common hamster names relate to their shape, size and coloring. Try Coco, Snowflake, Blanche, Gray, Cinnamon, Spot, if they suit your own hamster. You could also take a few days to get to know your hamster and name it according to its behavior. He could end up being Bob the Builder, Jumpy or Sleepyhead.

Of course, with these being Teddy Bear Hamsters, you could always opt for a "bearish" sort of name, such as Pooh or Paddington.

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