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Teddy Bear Hamster Care

Welcome to the hamster care section of this website. Please note that the information here is all about Syrian hamsters, aka Teddy Bear hamsters. There are other types of hamsters, and some of them have different needs, so please take the time to properly learn about the species in your care.

Hamsters are considered low-maintenance pets. While you do not have to walk your hamster twice a day, keep in mind that you do have an animal under your care here: you do have to take the necessary measures to tend to its welfare. Your hamster is totally dependent on you, so please take good care of it!

In a nutshell, this is what you need to know about hamster care. Click on any of the underlined links for more information about that topic:

1. Only one hamster per cage: never try to have two teddy bear (Syrian) hamsters living together in the same cage, no matter what size it is. Read more: hamster cages.

2. Do not breed hamsters unless you are a proper hamster breeder. That would mean adhering to a list of ethical guidelines. Most importantly, you will have the responsibility for finding good loving homes for each hamster born under your roof.

3. Give your hamsters a balanced diet based on quality hamsters feed mix. Read more: hamster food.

4. Use quality bedding in your cage and keep it clean. Change the bedding in the "toilet corner" daily to get rid of soiled bedding and replace it all during the weekly cage clean-up. Read more: hamster bedding.

5. Keep your hamster entertained. Provide items to chew on, toys and a running wheel. If you can, let your hamster out of the cage once a day for some bonding and supervised playtime. Read more: hamster toys.

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