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About Teddy-Bear-Hamsters.com

I'm an animal lover and a webmaster. I have three cats and my main online focus also resides with felines. In other words, I run two fairly large cat-related websites: TheCatSite.com and Meowhoo.com.

In December 2008, my five years old son volunteered to take care of the kindergarten's "pair of hamsters" over the holidays. I think I was more excited than the kids about our furry little guests!

They arrived in a smelly cage, with their own water tube, a feeding dish with some nasty looking pellets and a wheel. Oh, they had a couple of pieces of cardboard with them as well.

There were two hamsters in the cage and the teacher had no idea whether they were males or females. We assumed it couldn't have been one of each or there would have been babies by the time.

We placed the cage at home, and tried to befriend the little cuties. One was quite responsive but the other one seemed terrified. Whenever I reached into the cage, it would literally jump and curl up, showing me its belly, surrounded by cute little feet... with claws.

So, I took out the other one and played with it for a few minutes. As I returned it back into the cage, something strange happened. It began chasing the other hamster around. It didn't look like playing either - the little creature was serious, literally driving its cage mate up the walls. I knew right then that there is a big problem here and the two hamsters need to be separated ASAP.

After having them separated into two well equipped cages, upgrading their feed to hamsters-specific food and making sure both were in clean, safe environments, I turned to the Internet to do some studying.

Indeed, my instincts were spot on. Syrian hamsters, which is what those two were, are not supposed to share a cage. They are solitary animals that will fight and injure each other when forced to share their territory, possibly even killing a perceived intruder.

I was intrigued. I went on to read more and more about hamsters. Having spent hours reading up on these fascinating little creatures, my husband suggested I might as well put it into good use and publish a website about these popular pets. So, welcome to my site!

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